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alreadyiconned's Journal

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WTF is this place???
This is the icon journal of iamalreadyinuse

History Lesson
Me (10:38:46 PM): the one i wanted was "alreadybeeniconned"
Yana (10:38:51 PM): LOL
Me (10:38:54 PM): but i'm gonna hafta make it "alreadyiconned"
Yana (10:38:55 PM): i like
Yana (10:38:59 PM): why?
Me (10:40:06 PM): it means two things:
Me (10:40:38 PM): a)i've already iconned what what you're looking for ;-) and b) everything's already been iconned to death. there's no originality left.;-) so when you think you've just iconned something new, no man, someone's already iconned that.
Me (10:40:49 PM): cuz you know, i gotta make a statement ;-)
Me (10:40:56 PM): just one more ;-) for good measure
Yana (10:40:59 PM): LOL
Yana (10:40:57 PM): lol i love it
Me (10:41:04 PM): lol thank you!

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand scene.

Instruction Manual
- There's no need to join this community. All you have to do to keep yourself updated is friend it. So please, lets be friends! :-D

Rule Book
- If you want to credit it me, credit me, if you don't, whatever. Just don't pass my stuff off as your own.
For those nice enough to credit please put alreadyiconned in your keywords. NOT iamalreadyinuse. Thanks!
- No editing allowed (unless otherwise stated).

Moochers Affiliates

Things I like
-Sawyer and Kate.

Random, you say? It won't be when you start seeing an obscene amount of skate icons in this journal.

End Credits
- Layout codes found at maquina
- Resources